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      Carli group limited sets up in taichung,Taiwan.with our continuous research, development and improvement, our company had obtained a good famous among the plastic film capacitor production in Taiwan, since our company was established in 1986.

      ln order to accommodate with the market tendency, we established Carli Electronics co., ltd. in DongGuan in 1997, and JiaXing factory in 2002. Now there are more than1,000 employees in our


      Our main products are metallized film capacitors , which include Many types such as of MPX,MTF,MTB,MEF,MEH,MEC,MEA,MET, MPF,MPH,MPC,MPD,MPB,MPA,MPT,DMB,DMS,DPC,DPS,MEK,

      MPK,MPR,MS3,RS3,MKP,SCD,SCH etc. The productivity is 110,000kpcs per month.