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      Development concept

      - Taking quality as life, customer-centered, honesty, and innovation.

      - Market-oriented, network-based, talent-based, and development-oriented.

      - Develop with credibility and benefit with management.

      - The unity of thoughts, the formation of synergy, the use of quantity, to maximize the strength of the     team.

      - What needs to be understood is that the customer needs to improve himself.

      - Customer-oriented, thinking of customers, urgency, customer recognition, is the foundation of our      company's survival and development.

      - Winning a customer not only requires high-quality products, but also the trust that needs to be built     together. It is easy to lose a customer.

      - attitude determines everything; details makes success.

      - The company is people-oriented and employees are proud of the factory.

      - Take care of public property, cherish resources, diligently save and develop together.

      • Company culture

        - Integrity, dedication, pragmatism, innovation, accumulation, take off

      • Enterprise's goal

        - Work together to continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the company and strive to build a century-old foundation!