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      Home About us Development Path
      • 2015
        In 2015, the large-scale experimental center was completed.
      • 2010
        ISO9001:2008 renewal.
      • 2008
        The product is halogen-free and adds automation equipment to continue to expand production capacity.
      • 2007
        Expansion of the reliability test room.
      • 2006
        Dongguan Kaili Electronics Factory passed the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification of MI.
      • 2005
        The new factory of Dongguan Kaili Electronics Factory was completed; the X-Ray analyzer of Japan JEOL was introduced to ensure the products are environmentally friendly.
      • 2004
        All processes are lead-free, and the products meet the environmental requirements of SONY, PHLIPS, etc.
      • 2003
        Zhejiang Jiaxing Kaili Electronics Co., Ltd. passed the ISO9001:2000 certification of UL; completed the certification of ten countries.
      • 2002
        Zhejiang Jiaxing Kaili Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.
      • 2000
        Passed UL's ISO9002:1994 certification, and in 2001 it was converted to ISO9001:2000.
      • 1997
        Established Dongguan Kaili Electronics Factory and passed the US UL certification.
      • 1992
        The products have completed the safety certification of eight countries such as VDE and CSA.
      • 1988
        The product has obtained UL certification from the United States and began to produce safety capacitors.
      • 1986
        Taiwan Kaili Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in Taichung County.